You May Also Like (YMAL) is a new dynamic platform, presenting and promoting self-initiated projects by graphic designers.

Online and offline, YMAL highlights autonomous projects, the public might like or even love. Too often, a design and the design process is understood by incrowd only. We would like to change that. Demystifying graphic design is one of our main objectives. Design effects everybody, after all.

We’re open to exploring various paths that justify the same end: offering unique voices the platform they deserve whilst stimulating the connection between the designer and a wider audience.

Both on-screen and off-screen, YMAL carefully selects and presents people and projects, we believe are refreshing and relevant. Context and backstories, often missing, are provided to give insight.

We, Anneke Verheyen and Marjolein Van herck, founding mothers and spokeswomen of YMAL, invite you to engage with our story and to take part by submitting your projects now!