beat boredom / covid-19

You May Not Like staying in. It might get boring, WE KNOW. Nevertheless, we cannot stress enough the importance of staying at home these days/weeks, in order to beat the coronavirus.

Given that our open-call-posters won’t be seen by a lot of people, as the streets are empty, we altered them and gave them a new life, for you to download and use at home, we repeat, AT HOME.

Print out and color, play oxo, play hangman, connect the dots, fold a hat and/or make a chain!

Together, we can beat boredom/covid-19. In the meantime: be responsible, stay safe & take care of your loved ones.

print out and color
print out and play oxo
print out and play hangman
print out and make a chain
print out and connect the dots
print out and fold a hat