curate your window
entertain your neighbour

In response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, YMAL deferred old plans to launch a new, quarantine-friendly project instead. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to display graphics by promising designers on their window, so as to entertain fellow quarantined neighbors and to support up-and-coming graphic designers, who now more than ever lack a platform to exhibit their work.

As you might know, YMAL was planning on organising one-day exhibitions in public spaces. Given that is not advisable at present, due to the coronavirus, YMAL changed things up. We came up with a new project, as of today going by the name of Curate your window / Entertain your neighbour. Now we’re counting on you, designers and non-designers, to make it happen! Both are equally important for this project to succeed. We’re all in this together, aren’t we?

YMAL invites you to organize an exhibition from your bedroom/bathroom/living room, starring a promising designer. All you need is a home printer and a window. On our website we present work by designers you may also like. Context and underlying stories, often missing, are provided to give insight. Select one design or designer that appeals to you the most, download our DIY-exhibition-kit and get started!

As for the future curators: We are currently putting together our database of design(er)s, making sure there is something for everyone. Scroll down to see what/who we have already in store for you! We will add more names very soon. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to get daily updates!

As for the designers: We are still looking for you! Dust off/Create and upload your self-initiated design project here!

Let us prove that creativity really does make the world a brighter place. We are already very curious to see the results. If you have any questions or suggestions: don’t hesitate to reach out!

Lynn Gabriels
Magalie Rolus
Lee Van Camp
Sam Druant
Katrijn Oelbrandt
Lien Van Leemput
Lio Geypens
June Osselaer & Romy Streep
Marieke Van Laecke